Medical Assisting

Program Overview:

This program provides students with opportunities for growth as they become proficient in medical terminology, front office administration, and a wide range of clinical skills. Students learn techniques for effective management of patient care and how to provide a safe environment that promotes healing. Students who successfully complete this course receive a Medical Assisting Endorsement from the State of Utah and an option to test for the National Medical Assistant Certification.

Course Descriptions:

For Concurrent Enrollment Classes see Appendix.

Medical Assisting 1 & 2: Become proficient in medical front office skills such as scheduling appointments and setting up patient records. Learn clinical skills such as measuring vital signs, medical record documentation, and administering EKG. 

MA1100 Medical Terminology: Course format is lecture supplemented with videos and discussion
covering more than 350 medical word roots, suffixes, and prefixes. Emphasis is placed on pronunciation,
spelling, and proper usage of medical terms. Medical abbreviations are also introduced. 

Medical Anatomy and Physiology: Learn the structure and function of the systems of the body and how diseases and disorders affect these systems. 

Advanced Health Science: This course is designed to help prepare students for a career in healthcare. The course will help students gain professional skills needed, understand the healthcare system, and attain knowledge required to excel in the healthcare field.

Career Possibilities:

  • Medical Assistant
  • Surgical Assistant
  • Physician Assistant
  • Nurse
  • Physician
  • Nurse Practitioner

Additional Details:

High School Credit:
CTE credit or elective credit: up to 4 credits

Skills Certification:
Utah State Medical Assistant Endorsement, National Medical Assistant Certification 

This course is a full year course where students attend every day. GPA of 3.0 is recommended for this course.

In order for students to complete externships, they MUST be a senior while attending the class. Students MUST have completed all required immunizations, background check and urine drug screening.

Costs/Fees for the current school year

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