I want to add a CTEC program to my schedule, what’s my first step?

First, speak with your school counselor and/or CTE Coordinator to make sure you can fit CTEC into your schedule. Once that is complete, go to our website and click “Apply to CTEC” to complete your application. We will send you an email within 30 days with acceptance or waitlist information.


I am out of district or homeschooled. How do I apply?

First, make sure you can fit CTEC into your schedule. Then, go to our website and click “Apply to CTEC” and follow the instructions. You will be notified when your application is processed whether you are admitted or waitlisted.


How do I apply for a CTEC program?

Click on the “Apply to CTEC” tab on our website. Fill out the application and we will get back to you in 30 days with acceptance or waitlist information.


How do I know if I was accepted into a CTEC program?

You will receive an email within 30 days of your application submission. Please note: submitting an application does NOT guarantee admittance into the CTEC program.


How much does CTEC cost?

CTEC fees are listed on our website under the “School Info” tab, then click on “Fee Schedule”. Please note, these are the maximum fees that the program may charge. Actual fees charged may vary.


Is transportation available to CTEC?

Yes, transportation to and from all Canyons District high schools is available every day through district busing. If you are from out of district, you will need to provide your own transportation.


What is CTEC’s schedule, compared to the district?

CTEC is held every day for either AM or PM sessions. We follow the regular Canyons District semester schedule.


What is Concurrent Enrollment?

Concurrent Enrollment (CE) is the opportunity for students to earn credit for high school and college at the same time. All CTEC programs offer CE credits as part of the enrollment.


How do I get transcripts from CTEC?

If you are enrolled in a K-12 school, your CTEC courses will appear on your high school transcript. If you are homeschooled, you can receive a screenshot of your grades to prove completion. If you are homeschooled and want an official transcript, then you need to register with your local K-12 public high school (you can register without being officially placed in classes at that school). By registering with that school, they will be able to print your official transcripts. CTEC does not provide their own official transcripts.


How do I get a copy of the certifications I earned while at CTEC?

Reach out to your teacher and they can assist you. You can also reach out to our testing coordinator, Candyce McOmber at candyce.mcomber@canyonsdistrict.org and she can assist you.


Can I earn a CTE Honor Cord at graduation by attending CTEC?

There are many requirements that must be met to earn a CTE Honor Cord. CTEC can contribute towards the credits that are required for the cord, but CTEC alone does not meet all of the requirements for a CTE Honor Cord at graduation.


Can I earn a CTE Pathway Completer certificate at CTEC?

Yes, you can earn a CTE Pathway Completer certificate with most programs at CTEC. The programs that do not offer completer certificates do offer CTE Pathway Concentrator opportunities. Classes at CTEC can also be combined with CTE courses completed at your high school to fulfill the CTE Pathway Completer requirements. Speak to your CTE Coordinator at your home high school to make sure you are on track to earn a CTE Pathway Completer Certificate.



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