Programming / Software Development

Program Overview:

This course is a college level introduction to computer science concepts. These concepts include data representation and abstraction, recursion, software engineering, sorting/searching, and object oriented programming. Student’s problem-solving skills will be developed through designing, implementing, and executing computer programs. The Java programming language will be used for the majority of the class. Students will work with web, console, mobile and database development. Students will be prepared to take the AP Computer Science Principles and AP Computer Science A exams. They will have opportunities to participate in programming competitions against other schools and gain marketable skills before they graduate high school.

Course Descriptions:

For Concurrent Enrollment Classes see Appendix. 

CSIS 1400 Fundamentals of Programming: Computer science is one of the top career fields for the future. Learn the basics of Java programming including GUI development. 

AP Computer Science Principles: Students will use mobile app development to learn about computer science and software development principles. Students will create mobile applications and develop solutions to real world topics. 

CSIS 1410 Object Programming: Student will create more complex GUI applications including games using Java and C#. Build more complex applications that involve data structures and prepare for the AP Computer Science Exam. 

CS2550 Database Design: Students will design and implement databases using SQL and Firebase. Students will link database to Java and iOS front end. Students will extract and analyze data from databases.

Career Possibilities:

  • Computer Programmer
  • Game Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • Computer Engineer
  • Software Developer
  • Database Developer
  • Database Administrator

Additional Details:

High School Credit:
CTE credit or elective credit: Up to 4 credits total and a possible math or science credit 

Concurrent Credit:
12 college credits required. Student is responsible to register and pay for concurrent enrollment classes at SLCC and Weber State University. 

AP Credit:
AP Computer Science tests available 

Additional Information:
Compete in programming competitions 

Industry Certifications:

Skills Certifications:
Utah State Skills Certificate Tests

Secondary Math II completed. All 2nd semester classes require passing the 1st semester (College requirement). Keyboarding and basic computer skills.

Costs/Fees for the current school year

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