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Our Mission

The mission of Canyons Technical Education Center is to provide all students an innovative education through competency-based instruction that produces productive, responsible, engaged, professional, successful students who possess the tools necessary to be successful in post-secondary education or career settings.

Why Choose CTEC

  • Building a Solid Foundation – For most people a few years down their career path, where they started is not where they finish. At CTEC, our goal is to build a solid foundation for your career and college plans and then you will determine your path from then on. We help you build a solid foundation consisting of technical skills, people skills, and a vision for what you can do with your future work experience, added college and workplace training, and your own desires to find success.
  • Useful Now What students learn here, they are using now; the education applies to the work they want to do, or they are actually doing now.
  • Chosen Career – Students have the opportunity to learn, work, and/or intern in their chosen career field. CNA and Medical Assisting students will intern with hospitals and care facilities. Cosmetology students will cut, curl, and color clients’ hair. Emergency Medical Technician students will have the opportunity to do a ride along with Sandy Fire. These opportunities are available for students who are learning and doing their best.
  • College Credit – Students will earn college credit now as juniors and seniors. The cost is minimal and the return in credit and educational self-confidence is rewarding. College classes can be applied toward College Certificates, Associate Degrees, or Bachelor Degrees. CTEC partners with Salt Lake Community College, Utah Valley University, as well as Utah State University – Eastern to offer college credit.
  • Industry Certifications – In addition to college credit, many of our programs offer industry certifications. The business world loves to see future candidates with proven and tested training on their resumes. Many of the programs offer industry certifications including Adobe, and ASE certificates. Check the catalog or website to see what college credits and industry certifications your area of interest offers.
  • Friends – Students enjoy the opportunity to build friendships with students with similar career and educational interests. At the beginning of the year, students get to know their classmates from other high schools and by the end of the semester college plans are in the making. Many lasting friendships have been created while working in the classroom with fellow students as well as during internship opportunities.
  • Varied Learning Opportunities – Learning happens in the classrooms, shops, labs, field trips and during career days. Depending on the student’s chosen program, students will participate in skills courses, as well as emergency and medical training. Doors are opened to CTEC students to get up close and personal with dissection labs, and tours of crime labs
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