Business Leadership / Project Management

Program Overview:

This program focuses on business leadership, entrepreneurship and project management. CTEC collaborates with local businesses and community leaders to provide students with a unique, immersive experience resulting in highly skilled, adaptable innovators and leaders.  Students will work on understanding business roles and the attributes of a business leader. Students will also be coached in project management taking on actual business issues and helping businesses reach innovative solutions and answers. Students will gain valuable team working experience, professional growth and real-world opportunities.

Course Descriptions:

For Concurrent Enrollment Classes see Appendix. 

Business-Marketing Capstone:  The purpose of this course is to research and solve real-world business needs. This course is designed for advanced business students to further their business knowledge and skills. It encourages students to think analytically, logically and creatively to integrate experience and knowledge in real-world situations. In this program, students work in collaboration with local businesses with real projects and outcomes measured by our business partners.

BUS 1010 Introduction to Business: Earn college credit in a business course which will expose students in the diverse world of business, revealing how each of us is connected to business personally, professionally, and how business connects us culturally and socially. Students will learn how individuals function within a specific field and how various disciplines work together in cross functional teams. Students will work as an employee in a professional business environment; gain management experience; build a portfolio of state and national certifications. 

Economics: Earn college credit while studying the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services; and how society uses limited resources. Students will gain an awareness of the role of economics in social problems and business interactions and decisions. This class is designed as a general information course for all individuals despite major and satisfies the social science component of general education. 

CTE Internship: Gain real-world experience by interning at a company of your choosing. Learn the basics of how the company works and gain valuable work-based learning experience.

Career Possibilities:

  • Entrepreneur
  • Business Management Department
  • Manager
  • Human Resource Management
  • Management Analyst
  • Corporate Manager
  • Convention and Event Planner
  • Certified Public Speaker
  • TV/Radio Broadcasting
  • Project Management
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Social Media Specialist

Additional Details:

High School Credit:
CTE credit or elective credit: Up to 2 credits total

Concurrent Credit:
College credits up to 3 college credits possible. Student is responsible to register and pay for concurrent enrollment classes at SLCC.

Industry Certification:
ESB (Entrepreneurship Small Business) industry certification

Skills Certifications:
Utah State Skills Certificate Tests

Marketing classes

Costs/Fees for the current school year

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