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CTEC – Spring Parent Teacher Conference

CTEC Parents,

We are looking forward to trying Parent-Teacher Conferences in a new way and communicating with you digitally about your child’s progress. Below is the table of links and dial-in information for PTC’s that will be held tonight (4-7:50p), and tomorrow (4-7:20p). If you have not scheduled an appointment yet, there is still time. Follow the instructions attached here Spring Parent Conference Instructions CTEC. You only need to sign up for one session, even though your child may have multiple classes listed with a CTEC instructor.

CTEC Meeting Links for Spring PTC 2021


Business Leadership/Project Management Video/FAQs:

Construction Management Video/FAQs:

Construction Management

Cosmetology/Barbering Video/FAQs:

Criminal Justice Video/FAQs:

Cyber Security Video/FAQs:

Digital Media/3D Animation Video/FAQs:

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Video/FAQs:

Heavy Duty Diesel Mechanics Video/FAQs:

Medical Assistant Video/FAQs:

Medical Forensics Video/FAQs:

Nurse Assistant (CNA) Video/FAQs:

Physical Therapy Video/FAQs:

Programming/Software Development Video/FAQs:

Welding Technician Video/FAQs:

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