IT Challenge

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IT Challenge Results

The Information Technology Education program here in Utah has several state competitions in which students can participate. These include the following:

  • Digital Media Arts Festival
  • FBLA State Leadership Conference and competition
  • IT Challenge
  • SkillsUSA State Conference competition
  • TSA State Conference competition
In May 2014, students across the state of Utah competed in the annual Utah IT Challenge. This event was held in conjunction with the Microsoft IT Academy, a national program that provides industry leading technology skills. Our students at CTEC enrolled in Networking and Security placed in several areas. Congratulations to our students and Amazing faculty!

Network Pro

                  1st McKay Butterfield

                  2nd Jon Cooke

                  3rd Kurt Bradshaw

Certiport State Champions of MTA

MTA Operating Systems

                  1st Mitchell McAffee

                  3rd Nathan McDonald

MTA Networking Fundamentals

                  1st Mitchell McAffee

                  3rd (Tie): Hunter Miles

                                    McKay Butterfield

                                    Steven Bridge

                                    Kurt Bradshaw

MTA Security Fundamentals

                  1st Mitchell McAffee & Jon Cooke

                  2nd Stephanie Mauck

MTA Server Administration

                  3rd Kurt Bradshaw

Congrats To Our Amazing Students And Teachers At CTEC!

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Competition Results Are In! Our students and advisors have worked hard to prepare for our CTSO conferences this year. We had winners in the following categories that will be  competing at the National SkillsUSA and HOSA competitions. (* denotes those students who are eligible to compete nationally at SkillsUSA and HOSA ). We are very proud of our students and advisors. The students represented Canyons School District and CTEC very well. 

Leslie McCourt Nussman

CTEC   SkillsUSA  

Mitchell McAffe , 1st place
Austen Skinner, 2nd place
Michael Greenlief, 3rd place

*Computer Maintenance Technology (Instructor- Lezlie Harper)
Jonathan Cooke,1st place
McKay Butterfield, 2nd place

*Technical Computer Applications (Instructor- Lezlie Harper)
Zachary Nebeker, 1st place

 *Cosmetology (Instructors- Shelli Ivie, Jan Phillips, Matt Shaw)
Lauren Richens, 1st place
Whitney Colton, 3rd place
                      , 4th place
Nail Care Team # 11, 3rd place 

Diesel Equipment Technology (Instructor- Jeff Mulligan)
Braxton Workman , Diesel, 2nd place
Braxten Miller , Diesel, 4th place

*Fire Fighting  (Instructor- Sarah Domyan)
Soren Grimmer, 1st place
Alec Sorensen, 2nd place 

*Prepared Speech (Instructor- Renee Pay)
Sydney Porter, 3rd place

*Job Interview 
Kyler Christensen, 3rd place

 Ext Speaking
*Chase Whitehead, 3rd place

Video Production  (Instructor- Lisa Wadzeck)
Team- Zak Phillippy, Tyler Peterson, 4th place 

Certified Nursing Assistant ( Instructor- Kelly Nguyen)
*Anna Stuart, 2nd place Certified Nursing Assisting

Medical Assisting (Instructor- Todd Butler)
 * Gabriel Adams competed in HOSA Bowl, Extemporaneous Health Poster and Epidemiology. 3rd place- Epidemiology.


CTEC Questions and Answers

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 Answers to the Questions Most Often asked about CTEC

Q. I registered for next years programs, now what? 
A. We are going to look at what you asked for and see if there is room for you in the class. If there is room, we want to make sure you have met any requirements or prerequisites. If all is a go, we sign you up for the class and you are in. If an issue arises, we may contact you or you may hear from the CTE coordinator in your home high school.

We will also block out a period of time on your schedule so you will need to fill in the remainder of classes at your home high school during the unscheduled free time. If you or your parent have questions please feel free to contact us. 

Carla Matagi - Registrar - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Ken Spurlock - Principal - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Q. What is CTEC?
A. Canyons Technical Education Center is operated by Canyons School District. Students take advanced career and technical education (CTE) courses and earn verified high school credit to earn a high school diploma. Students have the opportunity to simultaneously earn high school credit and college credit in most programs.

Q. What are advanced career and technical education (CTE) courses?
A. They are job-specific courses that prepare students to continue their technical education after high school or obtain a job related to that career field. These courses meet business and industry requirements wherever possible. Courses may have prerequisites to insure students are prepared to meet course demands.

Q. Who can attend CTEC?
A. All Canyons School District students in the 11th and 12th grades are eligible to attend CTEC.  Additionally, we accept students attending Jordan District, Murray District and other district high schools affiliated with the Wasatch Front Consortium.