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Cosmetology/Barbering Course Catalog Link

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Barbering Course Catalog Link

Course Description


The CTEC Cosmetology/Barbering Program is a Utah State University - Eastern Concurrent Enrollment program offered to high school juniors and seniors in the Canyons, Jordan, Murray and Granite school districts.  The CTEC Cos/Bar program provides the high school student with the ability to advance their education and practical skills before their High School graduation.  Students earn hours towards the State of Utah Professional License and concurrent credits towards Utah State University-Eastern Barber/Cosmetology course curriculum requirements.  Upon high school graduation, the student will have an advantage of a head start in their education of the Cosmetology/Barbering fields or receive a Utah Cosmetology/Barber license.   

The CTEC Cosmetology/Barbering lab runs as a full service salon that is open to the public. The client provides the student the opportunity to practice men’s and women’s hair styling, cutting, coloring, perming, chemical relaxing, skin care, and nail care with emphasis on safety, sanitation and professionalism.  The student has constant exposure to clients in order to practice for employment in one of the exciting fields in the cosmetology industry. 

Students are required once only to purchase a required supply kit and textbooks when they enter into the program.  A lab fee is charged each semester.  Two semesters comprise the traditional school year and a third semester is offered in the summer.  During the school year, the student attends every weekday for 2 class periods either in the morning or in the afternoon and then the student attends in the evening for an additional salon experience lab 2 days a week.   A student may earn approximately 330 clock hours per semester.

After high school graduation, the students who have not earned the required clock hours of training will continue their training at Utah State University-Eastern, an applied technology center (ATC) or private school.  Once the student completes the chosen school’s curriculum, the student will then prepare to take the National-Interstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetology, Inc. (NIC) test and apply for a State of Utah Cosmetology/Barbering license.

Students who complete 2000 clock hours at the CTEC Cosmetology/Barbering Program will be prepared to take the NIC test and apply for a State of Utah Cosmetology/Barbering license.






Cosmetology/Barbering Department has Awesome Cultural Experience!

Cosmetology/Barbering Department has Awesome Cultural Experience!

On December 13th, the 2nd Semester Cosmetology/Barbering students had a wonderful opportunity. Their current subject of study was Chapter 2 History of Barbering, and they had spent several days studying the vast history and influence of the Barbering/Cosmetology profession.

In this chapter we have been studying how our profession has been caring for individual’s image and health throughout the ages.  We have discovered how our profession has changed and influenced societies and cultures in history. 

On this day we had a special guest speaker. He was able to personally share with us the beliefs and culture of self-image and grooming from Sikhism. The Sikh religion began in the fifteenth century, and is continuing to grow today.

                  We would like to express appreciation for Dillpeet Toor (student from Alta High and CTEC IT Systems) who came to address our class and educated us in the Religious and Cultural beliefs of the Sikh People. We learned first-hand from Dill, about how Sikhism teaches that people’s personal image and appearance is Holy and Sacred. In Sikhism, individuals are taught that they have been created just as they should be, and should not alter their personal appearance by the cutting of any of their hair, for both men and women. 

                  We had a great visit with Dill and really enjoyed the chance to personally learn about an ancient and very modern culture’s beliefs and understandings about personal appearance and image.

                  Thanks again Dill!