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 Answers to the Questions Most Often asked about CTEC

Q. I registered for next years programs, now what? 
A. We are going to look at what you asked for and see if there is room for you in the class. If there is room, we want to make sure you have met any requirements or prerequisites. If all is a go, we sign you up for the class and you are in. If an issue arises, we may contact you or you may hear from the CTE coordinator in your home high school.

We will also block out a period of time on your schedule so you will need to fill in the remainder of classes at your home high school during the unscheduled free time. If you or your parent have questions please feel free to contact us. 

Carla Matagi - Registrar - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Ken Spurlock - Principal - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Q. What is CTEC?
A. Canyons Technical Education Center is operated by Canyons School District. Students take advanced career and technical education (CTE) courses and earn verified high school credit to earn a high school diploma. Students have the opportunity to simultaneously earn high school credit and college credit in most programs.

Q. What are advanced career and technical education (CTE) courses?
A. They are job-specific courses that prepare students to continue their technical education after high school or obtain a job related to that career field. These courses meet business and industry requirements wherever possible. Courses may have prerequisites to insure students are prepared to meet course demands.

Q. Who can attend CTEC?
A. All Canyons School District students in the 11th and 12th grades are eligible to attend CTEC.  Additionally, we accept students attending Jordan District, Murray District and other district high schools affiliated with the Wasatch Front Consortium.

Dear Students and Parents,

On behalf of the faculty and staff, I welcome you to investigate the educational opportunities for you here at CTEC. I talk with students daily, who tell me this is their favorite part of the day, and I always ask, “Why?” The reasons are numerous, but let me tell you a few of the most common:
• Useful Now - What students learn here they are using now, the education applies to the work they want to do, or they are actually doing.
• Chosen Career - Students have the opportunity to learn, work and/or intern in their chosen career field. CNA and Medical Assisting students will intern with hospitals and care facilities. Cosmetology students will cut, curl and color clients’ hair. Emergency Medical Technician students will have the opportunity to do a ride along with Sandy Fire. These opportunities are there for students learning and doing their best.
• College Credit – Students are proud they are earning college credit now, as juniors and seniors. The cost is minimal and the return in credit and educational self-confidence is rewarding. College classes can be applied toward College Training Certificates, Associate Degrees or Bachelor’s degrees. CTEC partners with Salt Lake Community College, Utah Valley University as well as Utah State University – Eastern to offer college credit.
• Industry Certifications – In addition to college credit, many of our programs offer Industry Certifications as well. The business world loves to see future candidates with proven and tested training in their resumes. Many of the programs offer industry certifications including IC3, Adobe, and Microsoft certificates. Check the catalog to see what college credits and industry certifications your area of interest offers.
• Friends - Students enjoy the opportunity to build friendships with students from other high schools with similar career and educational interests. At the beginning of the year, students get to know their classmates and by the end of the semester college plans are in the making. Many lasting friendships have been created while working in the classroom with fellow students as well as during internship opportunities.
• Varied Learning Opportunities - Learning happens in the classroom, shops, labs, field trips and during career days. Depending on the student’s chosen program, they will participate in skills courses, fire scenario training, as well as other emergency and medical training. Doors are opened to CTEC students to get up close and personal with dissection labs, confidence courses and tours of crime labs.
• Transportation - Bussing is provided from all high schools in the Canyons and Jordan School Districts. Many students choose to car pool, and at CTEC there are no required stickers or tickets. Please be safe if you choose to drive.
• Lunch - Sack lunches are an option as well, no need to be hungry, just grab a lunch here at the school. All the common school lunch rules apply.

I hope you take the time to look through the catalog, visit us here at CTEC, or talk to our teachers and see if we have the right program for your future. You will have the opportunity to learn from industry professionals, who have trained to become excellent teachers. At CTEC, students start with a high school course, but move with confidence towards a chosen career and college pathway. We look forward to having you at CTEC.

Ken Spurlock - Principal
Canyons Technical Education Center

Students used marshmallows and candies to create the implementations of constructors with values based on the specified parameters.  This assignment helped students to understand the relationship between the specifications in a constructor and the instanciation of the object by the constructor call.