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Interested in being a student at CTEC, well it is time to enroll. Students from Canyons School District and Jordan School District are encouraged to apply to CTEC as soon as possible. Transportation from all schools to CTEC is provided or many students car pool. Please give us a call if you have any questions at 801-826-6610. To enroll, go to the online application on this website (www.canyonstech.org) to apply. Don't forget to visit CTEC during our open house on Feb. 20, 2013 from 4-8:00 PM. Any questions, talk with us at CTEC or see your CTE coordinator in your high school.
Dallas Robinson, Bingham High School class of 2005 came by and talked with the Students in Business Leadership today at CTEC. Renee Pay, Company Director of the class has stayed in touch with Robinson since he was a student at CTEC. Robinson gained fame with his popular KISSTIXX lip balm and his appearance on Shark Tank. 

In his audition to Shark Tank they were allowed a 30 second introduction. Dallas and his business partner went all out hip and after a couple of minutes were allowed round two of the auditions, then round three. They soon found out they were on their way to Los Angeles for the real deal with Shark Tank.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXbH1Yia0cs  In the end Mark Cuban offered to buy in with $200,000 dollars with 40% equity. This gave them the start-up money needed to launch and they have launched in a big way. Dallas told students through networking he was also able to link up with QVC network and in just one 7 minute appearance they sold more than $90,000 dollars worth of lip balm. 

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Dallas also gave us a little look at his personal life. His parents were believers in his product and did some early investing with him. He was able to pay off their loan and say thank you with a little trip to Hawaii as well. He told us the KISSTIXX works because he was able to meet and marry his wonderful wife. They are the proud parents of a little girl. He said he is thankful his wife is a strong supporter and feels lucky when she accompanies him on business trips so they can mix some fun in as well. They decided as a couple that they would take this business idea from start to success together, and he said that this has proved successful. Dallas did mention with a twinkle in his eye that research and product development was a key business venture that they enjoyed together. 

Dallas started college at UVU and he said his tipping point with his good idea turning to career happened when one of his professors offered start-up funds for his product. Through his schooling and networking, his good idea became a business that he devoted the necessary time, energy and savings to. Dallas and his business partner were stocking shelves at a local grocery store through the nights, so they could devote their days to KISSTIXX. They are now seeing the fruits of their labors and have been able to quit the odd jobs and be devoted to their product full time. 

One of the students asked what his favorite books are and he listed Tipping Point by Gladwell, The Brand Within by Daymond John, The Purple Cow and The E Myth. He talked freely about the books he read and how it has helped shape his business plan. One of his favorite books however was written by Mark Cuban, titled How to Win at the Sport of Business. He said it was available on Amazon and an easy late night read. 

We would like Dallas to know we are grateful for spending time with us to help our students know the intense amount of effort involved to be successful at your business ventures. He reminded the students at this point they are like crabs sitting in a bucket. Crabs cannot escape from a bucket because as they work their way out of the bucket, the other crabs will pull them back in. He reminded the students to use all their effort to meet their goals, don’t let the others keep you stuck in your surroundings. Great things can happen with determination, education and networking. 

We had the opportunity today to have all classes at CTEC open their doors to students across the district to see the amazing programs we offer. The medical helicopter landing in the parking lot was a highlight for many of the students. We also had Unified Police bring their Command Post, Drug and Search Dogs as well as UHP provide safety demonstrations in their crash simulator. Rush Enterprises provided a brand new Semi for the diesel students to sit in and it was amazing. It was a great learning day at CTEC

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