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Liz Kelly and Gelise Elderidge took first place in CPR/ First Aid 

Angelica Langford took second place in Home Health 

Angelica and Liz are from the CNA class here at CTEC. Liz from the fall term, and Angelica is currently attending  in the spring term.  Gelise is in the Medical Assisting class. Gelise and Liz paired up for the competition and took first place!

Medical Forensics- Sadee Evans , Courtney Buss- placed 5th –Medical Forensics

Angelica Langford, Tori Bates- 7th Medical Forensics

EMT- Winonna Whieddon , Josh Linares- 10th place EMT

Congrats to our Amazing students at HOSA ! 

In the Business Leadership Program here at CTEC, students are assigned to interview a successful CEO who is at the top of the profession that they want to pursue.  They interviewed their CEO and then prepared a professional speech with an advanced PowerPoint slide show that included pictures and audio clips of that CEO giving advice to students just starting their careers.  After the interview the CEO was invited to attend the presentation here at CTEC.

Today, Dan Debenham, President and CEO of LENZ Works, took time out of his very busy day to come to CTEC and watch the presentation of his success story given by Jacob Farnsworth and Trevor Truscott.  It was an amazing presentation and great advice was given.  Mr. Debenham gave a great quote for our entrepreneurs to remember:

“Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true!”  In order to be successful in life you must have a PASSION for what you are doing and you must learn to be HAPPY and ENJOY life!  Mr. Debenham spoke to the students after the presentation and motivated them to find their PASSION in life and to be willing to pay the price to reach their dreams.

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CTEC Students Recognized For Main Frame Skills in the Nation by IBM

By Leslie McCourt Nussman CTE specialist, CTEC 

In the fall semester of 2012, IBM hosted its eighth annual Master the Mainframe Contest for college and university students across the U.S. and Canada (excluding Quebec). High school students were also encouraged to compete!

Today's mainframes are growing in popularity and require a new generation of mainframe experts. This contest is designed to equip students with basic skills to make them more competitive for jobs in the enterprise computing industry. Canyons Technical Education Center students from Cody Henrichsen’s IT Programming class –participated in the Master the Mainframe Contest.  Not only did the students gain an edge in this advancing market, but they placed in the contest! 

Details about the competition are as follows

Part I : Breaking the Ice 

IBM provided extensive screen shots and direction, guiding students along and telling them exactly what they need to do. This part of the contest gets students comfortable with navigating the mainframe user interface, as well as introducing them to some basic mainframe concepts.

The first 2,500 students to complete this section 100% correctly received custom Master the Mainframe T-shirts. The hometowns of the 50 schools with the most eligible registrants as of 01 Oct were listed as "tour dates" on the back of the shirt. 


Part II: Practical Experience 


This section required considerably more work from contestants. Using the skills they learned in Part 1, contestants performed more extensive systems programming (advanced commands, system setup and advanced system navigation) and application developing (C, JAVA, COBOL, assembler and REXX) tasks. 


The first 60 students to successfully complete this section 100% correctly received a Part 2 Prize Pack from IBM, which included the following custom gear:

•A hoodie sweatshirt that serves as a wearable trophy

•An 8GB USB memory stick to carry around all the data sets you FTPd off the mainframe

•An aluminum sports bottle to keep you hydrated while you mainframe

•A messenger bag to hold all your devices that connect to the mainframe

•A stress-relief ball to help you through those hard times when you don't have mainframe access

•An IBM hardbound notebook and pen, to jot down your mainframe-related musings

•A static-cling decal to show the driver behind you how hard you mainframe

CTEC’s class placed fourteenth which means our city, Sandy, and CTEC’s name were recognized on the t-shirt.

Two students from the class completed part II, and Sam Fuller received the Part II prize pack from IBM.