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Students from CTEC’s Computer Systems class hacked their way into hotspot jobs this year!  One graduate will be a bit smarter working for StorageCraft in QA as a software engineer.   Another graduate will boot up at Executech as a Network Administrator.  He commented, “Basically I just wanted to thank you for helping me through your class and encouraging students to get as many certifications and as much training as possible- because without your class I never would have gotten this job after being out of high school for only 1 year.”  Another graduate, when queried, writes, “After high school, I started doing server implementation and desktop support for small and medium businesses. I recently left Direct-pointe/Integratechs and I am now working for EMC as a server storage engineer for their VNX products. The price for one server starts at $500k and I will be a full-on support engineer for this product. Working hard in class really pays off.”

I hope that you have had a summer filled with fun and relaxation! We are all very eager to have the school year begin. The faculty, staff and administration have spent a great deal of time planning for the 2013-2014 school year.  We can not wait to see you here at CTEC preparing for your 
fun adventure into the future of further education and or twenty- first century jobs with new skills from CTEC! 

 Watch For More Exciting News About Our Students , &  Faculty ! 

Leslie McCourt Nussman
CTE Specialist
Sienna Pickard PHOTOSHOP 2nd Place
The IT Challenge Competition is held each year to recognize the best IT students in Utah . These standards are based on Industry competencies and then the competition matches the best against the best. The results are then based on Industry test scores and related projects. Here at CTEC we want to help celebrate the Best Students in Utah IT ! Congrats to our students who placed in the IT Challenge this year ! 

     Sienna Pickard
Flash   Nathan Erasmus 
A+     Jon Cooke & Nathan Warkentin 
MTA Security     Jon Cooke &   Chandler Shewell
MTA Network    Colby Pike 
MTA Server   Jon Cooke 
MTA OS    Chandler Shewell & Colby Pike
CIW Site Design   Nick Duckworth
Oracle Java   Josh Spendlove & Austin Chen
Linux   Colby Pike