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Business Leadership

Business Leadership


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Kimberly Simpson-Batey

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Business Leadership

Make it your business! Work as a professional employee in a simulated business environment; be empowered by being in charge of your own learning. Earn as many as 6 college credits while in high school. Obtain actual management experience to put on your resume. Be trained to a master level in Business Leadership, Business Communication, and Information Management and build an impressive job portfolio of competency certificates to guarantee knowledge and skills to employers and/or colleges. Learn success strategies to start your own business; create an actual strategic business plan. Complete many professional seminars including; Time Management and Maximum Achievement—the keys to peak performance and personal leadership. 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Dallas Robinson, KISSTIXX co-creator, pays visit.

Dallas Robinson, Bingham High School class of 2005 came by and talked with the Students in Business Leadership today at CTEC. Renee Pay, Company Director of the class has stayed in touch with Robinson since he was a student at CTEC. Robinson gained fame with his popular KISSTIXX lip balm and his appearance on Shark Tank. 

In his audition to Shark Tank they were allowed a 30 second introduction. Dallas and his business partner went all out hip and after a couple of minutes were allowed round two of the auditions, then round three. They soon found out they were on their way to Los Angeles for the real deal with Shark Tank.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXbH1Yia0cs  In the end Mark Cuban offered to buy in with $200,000 dollars with 40% equity. This gave them the start-up money needed to launch and they have launched in a big way. Dallas told students through networking he was also able to link up with QVC network and in just one 7 minute appearance they sold more than $90,000 dollars worth of lip balm.